Harmer JohnsonI grew up in Faversham, England, a small town enriched by thousands of years of archaeological history, and as a young boy roamed the countryside in search of artifacts. Often there were archaeological digs going on and I watched those with an intensity and curiosity that has never abated. I was hooked on archaeology. In my teens I attended a nearby boarding school that was only two miles from an important ancient structure—Richborough Fort— the location of the first Roman invasion in AD 43. I would go there with my friends and collect ancient pot fragments that I took back to my school locker for further study. I just wanted to hold them in my hand, savor them, wonder about their provenance, imagine the person who had made them, and how they had been used. I am sure it didn't surprise my parents when I said I was interested in working with artifacts as an occupation.

I remember the interview I had at Sotheby's for an apprenticeship. I was just out of school, still very young, and nervous. But the man who interviewed me (Albert Mundon) was kind and patient. He presented me with a list of departments and right there, down at the bottom, were the words "Antiquities and Primitive Art." That was the beginning of my career as an appraiser and auctioneer.

I have a collection of my own artifacts: flint tools from France, Portugal, the Sahara, and early man of central Africa, some over a million years old. My most ancient treasure is a Jurassic un-hatched fossil dinosaur egg from China, dating back over one hundred million years. To possess them is a privilege and I return to them often for inspiration.

SELECTED CLIENTS (Museums, Banks, Insurance):
• Museum for African Art, New York, NY • Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
• American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY • Brooklyn Museum, New York, NY
• Dallas Museum of Fine Art, TX • Denver Art Museum, CO • Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY
• Houston Museum of Fine Arts, TX • Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN • Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA
• Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY • Library of Congress, Washington, DC
• National Museum of American History, Washington, DC • National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC
• Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO • Peabody Museum, Cambridge, MA • Saint Louis Art Museum, MO
• Seattle Art Museum, WA • Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto • British Museum, London • Royal Academy of Arts, London
• National Gallery of Art, Canberra, Australia • AXA Art Insurance Corporation • Chubb Insurance Company
• State Farm Insurance Company • Citibank Private Bank • HSBC Private Bank

• North and South America • Europe • Middle East • Africa • Australia